We are proud to announce once again that we have been rated #1 in customer service and personal tech support. With our highly skilled technicians and advanced remote technology, we have created an unbeatable level of support and resources for our many valued clients. Having trouble with your audio distribution or lighting programming? No problem, we will connect to your system over the internet and get you back on track without ever having to enter your business.


Embarking on your journey to build a customized business facility involves keeping up with a dynamic set of standards. In this digital era, it’s paramount that your contractors are proficient in integrating cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of a smart business environment. By working closely with a technology integrator, they can deliver robust and dependable system designs. Reach out to us today to access our Preferred Contractor List. These contractors have been specifically trained by Unity Tech on integrating smart technology and are experts in incorporating these modern elements into their building standards, turning your business establishment into an exemplar of modern infrastructure.


Partner with us to bring your unique, innovative ideas to life in your business premises. Every bespoke project undertaken has the opportunity to be highlighted by industry leaders such as Control4, Tru Audio, and other affiliates. If your project is accepted, brace yourself for widespread acclaim and recognition. Moreover, accepted projects enjoy complimentary equipment upgrades and special gifts. We take great pride in celebrating our previous successful participants and eagerly anticipate the next groundbreaking ideas our clients will conceive!


At Unity Tech, we value the power of a robust professional network and enduring partnerships with our clients. When you refer us to your business associates and colleagues, you ensure they’re entrusting their projects to a dependable team. As a token of our gratitude, upon the completion of a project initiated by your referral, we will duly award you a referral bonus proportional to the project size.