Audio Multi-Zone

When audio technology is effectively distributed throughout your business the benefits are significant. With a wide range of solutions offered today, there can be much to decide. Distributed audio systems are most commonly designed in two ways analog & digital. Most basic analog solutions are no more than a single amplifier, in-wall volume control knobs and typically a pair of speakers in each location. Even though analog solutions can deliver superior sound quality for even the greatest music lover or the so-called “audiophile”, it lacks the diversity and system design capabilities of a digital solution.

With a digital distributed audio system, you not only have the added superior sound quality but multi-zone room to room discrete control this opens a world of possibilities for your business. Imagine someone listening to some jazz in the waiting room while guest in break room listening to rock and someone at the bar listening to country. A digital multi-zone system controlled by an automation system literally opens the door. For example, a customer enters the front door. The system detects them and plays a welcoming greeting and then goes back to music automatically.