Automation: Daily Scheduling

Imagine never having to remember to turn all the lights off in the office when you leave at the end of the day. With the accompaniment of an automation system that controls devices such as a conference room system, HVAC Thermostat, Lighting, Pump Systems and more. Automated programmed scheduling brings a level of luxury and convenience over common tasks. For example, a simple line of scheduled programming could set a daily activity to where the system will know when you leave the office by the absence of your phone Bluetooth ping after 5pm, Monday – Friday.

When this scheduled event occurs, the system will automatically turn off all lights and adjust the thermostat temperature to the maximum energy saving level (according to the outdoor temperature), and then arm the security system while you’re away. Once you return to the office, the system will know by the your smart phones Bluetooth ping between 9-5pm, Monday – Friday. Then the system will automatically set your preferred thermostat temperatures and turn on dimmed environmental lighting throughout your office according to that time of day. This is one possibility from a world of possibilities you can uniquely create for your own business. Call us today and allow us to show you how we can cut energy costs and create a system that brings luxury and convenience to you and your family.