Automation: Pool Control

With the costs of electricity and water rising across the country, many in the industry think there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the savings an automation system can provide. Builders and techs agree that when an automation system controller communicates effectively with a variable-speed pump only allowing it to run long enough to complete a cleaning task, it can save a homeowner hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

Apart from the energy savings, easy user control can allow a homeowner to schedule water arraignments and pool mood lighting daily without ever having to touch a switch. Let’s not forget about remote online control, imagine working late at the office and needing a good relaxing hot tub soaking to melt away a day of stress. Just jump on any internet-based device such as an iPad, iPhone, PC desktop or Apple computer and instantly activate the hot tub or pool pumps and set your preferred water temperature and mood lighting before you even pull into the driveway.