IP Cameras

An IP camera captures and sends video footage over an IP network, allowing users to view, record, store, and manage their video surveillance images either locally or remotely over the network infrastructure using a PC, Smartphone or automation system. The IP camera can be placed wherever there’s an IP network connection, wireless or wired. It has its own IP address and unlike a webcam, it doesn’t require a connection to a PC in order to operate. Along with streaming video footage, network cameras can include a number of additional functionalities such as pan/tilt/zoom operation, motion detection, audio surveillance, integration with alarms and automation systems, automated alerts, intelligent video analytics, and much more.

Many IP cameras can also send multiple streams of video, using different compression technologies for live viewing and archiving. IP cameras offer flexible installation, ease of use, higher-quality images and expandability as new IP cameras can be added to the network at any time. Contact Unity Tech today and allow us to build a cost-effective IP camera solution for your home or workplace.