Texas Size Wifi

Having a wireless network opens up a world of possibilities, wireless networks provide an inexpensive and easy way to share a single Internet connection among several computers; plus you can add additional computers to the network at any time. This allows any device on the network to communicate seamlessly through file sharing, wireless IP camera viewing, internet surfing over a personal device and much more! What makes Unity Tech so unique is what we like to call our “Texas Size Wifi”.

These projects offer many solutions; from delivering absolute superior Wifi coverage and connection quality over very large areas to Wifi disaster homes where the design and layout of the home cause dead spots and signal dropping. We at Unity Tech have offered many cost-effective solutions to our valued customers ranging from a 450 yard Wifi directional beam to pick up laptops and IP cameras over a large piece of land, to a 9,000 sq ft home that not only has a 100% connection in every room but continuing connection coverage outside of the home all the way to the property lines!